Marie Claire Hamon

Marie Claire Hamon’s much awaited 2005 solo show will be starting on Thursday 26th May. Since we last showed Marie Claire in 2003, her work has been exhibited at the Royal College for the Hunting prize, Cadogan Contemporaries, Art London, the AAF as well as several galleries in her home county of Cornwall. All this as well as packing in a PGCE and doing some part-time lecturing.

This year’s show sees a departure in her work from the interior to the exterior. Houses, beds and boats float in dreamy landscapes while flocks of tiny birds survey huge vistas and distant horizons. Most intriguing are her solitary gates, coming from nowhere and leading to where? only to further emptiness’s or over the edge of precipices. I find this exhibition provokes a powerful sense of loneliness in the viewer… even paintings of tiny houses with titles like ‘Shelter’ and ‘Secret hood’ which at first appear to offer sanctuary, but on closer inspection these structures are dwarfed and suffocated by their surroundings.

A fascinating and thought provoking show.

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